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The Rainbow Puff Dress MANAGED

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Why not make some magic, or at least feel some magic during this daunting time. Pretend you are sitting on the roof tops of Paris, drinking champagne cocktails and eating baguettes from the paper, feasting on plates of berries. Maybe when you slip into this opaque rainbow (the print was custom created VERY carefully, perfected to be semi subtle and elegant while still outrageous) In fact, this dress was designed during the most surreal moment in our lifetimes. As we are all safe at home RN there is no way to shoot her in all her glory... but oh she is glory. She is truly beautiful. please note the chest is a touch sheer (you will want a strapless bra or a cool strappy bra with cute straps, unless you are a "free the nipple" kind of gal) and the skirt is so massively voluminous it forgives any tummy you might be growing in "quarantine" If you haven't tried on the puff dress yet, do yourself a favour. Although it's MASSIVE in volume, it's simultaneously the most flattering and special thing. (Please STEAM every layer of your puff to get it looking it's best!)
Sometimes it may feel the dress is too small, please try to zip the dress while around your waist then pull over your chest. If it fits but is still too tight you may need to size up one.

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