We Won't Stop Until Fashion Comes Full Circle

We’re taking fashion for a ride. As one of the world’s most polluting industries, we’re making it our business to undo what it started, one rental at a time.

Traditionally, fashion has worked on a make > use > chuck basis. We say no thanks. The circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design, so buying no longer has to be the default. With the help of our ever-growing community, we’re making fashion accessible and sustainable - and it never looked so good.

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Environmental Savings of Renting Your Wardrobe

Use the calculator above to find out your environmental savings!

By renting, instead of buying new and wearing once, you would be saving the equivalent CO2e of:


Trees cut down


Miles in a car

Resources just for you

Sign The Fashion Revolution Manifesto

We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet. We demand radical, revolutionary change. This is the Fashion Revolution dream

Make A Pledge For Fashion Our Future

Founded by Amy Powney, creative director of Mother of Pearl, her aim is to strike the balance between our love for fashion and protecting the planet at the same time. #FASHIONOURFUTURE showcases people’s pledges, sparks conversations and offers ideas on how to be more sustainable within your fashion choices.

Eco-Activists To Follow On Instagram

Instagram can be a source of inspiration for those looking to follow a no-waste lifestyle: @ajabarber, @venetialamanna, @storiesbehindthings, @ecoage, @fash_rev.

Plant Trees For Free Every Day

Over 260,000 km2 of trees were cut down in 2019. That’s an area roughly the size of the United Kingdom. Answer three questions a day and Treeapp will plant one tree, for free!

Do your bit

We are also proud members of Ecologi, a group which helps us to reduce the carbon footprint of each of our employees, as well as offsetting any business travel (which we keep to a minimum).

Offset calculates the amount of CO2 emissions we produce as individuals within the company, and allows us to offset those emissions with monetary donations to projects that work to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels.


members have pledged


of carbon offset

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