buy less, rent more

As one of the world's most polluting industies, fashion's linear system needs to change. We're making fashion circular, one rental at a time.

our sustainable partners


Getting your rentals from A to B? No problem. We’ve partnered with REPACK, your eco-friendly packaging solution.

Dry Cleaning

Harmful chemicals? Not our style. We work with BLANC who can collect your dry cleaning and drop it back to your front door.

Courier Service

Date night tonight? Enter STUART, your sustainable courier service delivering parcels across Central London in under 90 minutes.

Why we rent:

  • In the UK, every week 11 million items of clothing* end up in landfill.
  • It would take 13 years to drink the water* needed to make one pair of jeans and one t-shirt.
  • The fashion industry will account for 25% of the global carbon budget* by 2050.

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