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When we say we empower women, we don’t just mean those in our inner circle. We’ve joined forces with charity Malaika to improve the futures of girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Malaika was founded by one of our very own lenders - Noella Coursaris Musunka - and it’s on a mission to create a community of highly-educated female leaders who can advocate for themselves and their country.

Over the past twelve years, Malaika’s team of entirely Congolese staff have made the charity a real force of nature. By granting Kalebuka communities access to education, clean water and health programmes, Malaika is moving the needle for DRC - so it can realise a future of stability, peace and equal opportunity.

“I believe in the impact a woman can have when she says what she thinks and navigates the world with an open heart and I always aim to reflect that in my style”

Noella Coursaris

How you can support

1. Thandie Newton wants you to wear her dress. Check out our Wear To Care initiative and rent pieces from the most stylish celebrities and brands. 100% of proceeds go towards Malaika’s school for girls.

2. Donate £10, £50 or £70 to provide meals for a week, school supplies for a year or a health workshop for the community.

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