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Sigrid Maria

Sigrid Bouse - Dawn Lawn MANAGED

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The Sigrid blouse, our signature piece, is a classic shirt that instantly lifts any outfit. Inspired by traditional Austrian Tracht blouses, it has wide statement sleeves and an oversized collar with pleated frill details. The beautifully gathered shoulders and cuffs with double frill edge are a nod to the Victorian era. Finished with vintage smoky Agoya pearl buttons down the front and on the cuffs. Due to the blouse’s loose cut wider sleeves, the Sigrid is suitable for most sizes, and can be worn tucked in or loose. The Sigrid blouse is handmade in East London and takes six hours to create. Fabric The fabric is Liberty Cotton Lawn, specially sourced in small quantities from makers in London. Dawn Dream is a painterly, silhouetted version of the Liberty Frieze design. Offering bright pop of colour, it features a free-flowing layout based on the wallpapers of the early 1900s. This blouse uses two metres of fabric. Only one blouse is available in Dawn Lawn, made to the measurements stated below. Please email if you would like to enquire about a custom order. Cotton Lawn is a cotton that behaves like silk, it is ultra-fine and durable with a fluid feel and showing off an intense depth of colour. Tana Lawn cotton is the perfect everyday fabric as it is soft yet durable, cooling yet warming and does not easily crease. Material: 100% Tana Lawn Cotton

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